Action Bronson @ Fillmore Silver Spring - 12/22/2017

In 2011, Action Bronson suffered a broken leg in an accident involving a wet floor as a chef in a Queens restaurant. In the wake of the accident, Action began a rap career, releasing a steady stream of mixtapes such as Dr. Lecter, Rare Chandeliers, Blue Chips, and Blue Chips 2 which has earned him international success and respect amongst the hip-hop devout. His musical style leans heavily towards the 90's boom-bap era, but Action's lyrical content is unique, filled with unordinary references to food, sports, cars, women, and pop culture often making fun of himself in the process. Following the release of Action Bronson's major-label debut album Mr. Wonderful in 2015, his focused seemed to shift towards his television show F*ck, That's Delicious. In August 2017, Action Bronson released the much anticipated third entry in the Blue Chips series and his second major label album Blue Chips 7000.

Action Bronson rocked a pre-Xmas jam at the Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD (Photo by Avery Junius /  @ 1takeace   )

Action Bronson rocked a pre-Xmas jam at the Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring, MD (Photo by Avery Junius / @1takeace )

Despite his arrival to the Fillmore being delayed, the fans in attendance were still eager for an Action Bronson show only he could deliver. The audience welcomed Action Bronson, his only stage prop in a Brute 375 Louisville ladder, and DJ/Producer The Alchemist to a warm welcome. Following a lengthy gaze into the crowd at the top of his ladder, the Flushing, Queens-native jumped right into performing  "The Chairman's Intent," a single from Blue Chips 7000. Action Bronson entered his zone mostly spitting bars from Blue Chips 7000 with plenty of help from the waves of fans in the crowd reciting each word. During his performance of "Bonzai," Action fumbled on his lyrics and apologized to the crowd. After recovering via an acapella version of the song, Action exclaimed " my bad, that's why we LIVE," and all was well. To continue the theme of being for the people, Action took time out during his set to sign various items of clothing and footwear and a copy of his New York Times bestselling book F*ck, That’s Delicious for fans.

Action Bronson always brings along longtime collaborator Mayhem Lauren (who also opened for him tonight) on tour with him and this tour was no exception. The two friends performed "Falconry," "Hot Pepper," and "Mr. 2 Face" on stage together. Action claimed to the Fillmore that we "Ain't seen this much sauce since Led Zepplin" when the two were exchanging rhymes.

To close out his set, Action ended with his most prominent commercial hit yet in "Baby Blue" and the epic, funk-filled "Easy Rider" both of which are singles are featured on his debut album Mr. Wonderful.


Photos by Avery Junius
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