All Things Go Fall Classic 2018 Preview

For the fifth year in a row, DC music site All Things Go will be throwing their annual Fall Classic. It’s gone from Union Market to Navy Yard and back, and it expanded from synth-pop to hip-hop and EDM last year, but this year, it’s all about championing female artists. In fact, Saturday’s lineup is entirely female-led, the work of artist curators Maggie Rogers (Saturday’s headliner) and LPX (also known as half of previous buzzmaker MS MR). There’ll be a lot to cheer for, especially since Carly Rae Jepsen will be closing out the festival on Sunday night, but who else should Fall Classic fans be on the lookout for?


According to Wikipedia: “Oshun is an orisha, a spirit, a deity, or a goddess that reflects one of the manifestations of God in the Ifá and Yoruba religions. Oshun is the deity of the river and fresh water, luxury and pleasure, sexuality and fertility, and beauty and love.” Niambi Sala and Thandiwe hail from DC, but started making music together in 2013 while at New York University. The duo channels otherwordly energy in their music, which draws from hip-hop, soul, R&B, and traditional African music. Their forward-thinking sound merits getting to Union Market for early. Catch them on Saturday at 1:45 PM.

‘We’re Yung”:

The Aces

The disco ball-tinged pop and rock stylings of Provo, Utah quartet The Aces make it impossible not to tap your feet. Cristal Ramirez, Alisa Ramirez, McKenna Petty, and Katie Henderson have known each other since elementary school, before they had even considered starting a band together. Fast forward to today, and the group has been cultivating a following by opening for bands like 5 Seconds of Summer and Joywave, For fans of infectious guitar riffs and melodies reminiscent of HAIM and Fall Classic alums Great Good Fine Ok, look no further on Sunday at 3 PM.

“Fake Nice”:


The DC soul/hip-hop duo of Foots (on drums) and Coles (on keys) have been profiled on our site multiple times for good reason. They’ve fervently played across DC opening for bands like The Mattson 2, Homeshake, and Post Animal. When talking DMV duos, this one stands out for a reason - their dreamlike vocals, nuanced production, and funky guitar riffs are transportive to a fault. For a group whose latest album name is Sitting in Outer Space, it seems very fitting. Catch them opening Sunday’s festivities at 12:30.



After BORNS was accused of sexual misconduct, All Things Go dodged controversy by removing him as Sunday’s headliner. Carly Rae Jepsen will now be closing out the festival on Sunday, but organizers were able to make the last-minute call to NYC’s Misterwives to play on Sunday evening. To be honest, ATG traded up for this one. Singer Mandy Lee is a force to be reckoned with on stage, as is the rest of their band, from their guitarists to the trumpet player. Look forward to some serious stage presence from future headliners Misterwives on Sunday at 8:30 PM.

“Not Your Way”:

The All Things Go Fall Classic will be held at Union Market’s Dock 5 in Washington, DC, from October 5-6, 2018.