"Aquarian" - Seneca B

Sounds Like:

A lofi hip-hop waterfall

Why You Should Care:

Hailing from Boston, MA, Seneca B is creating instrumentals that you should add to your hiking/travelling/otherwise wandering soundtrack. MF DOOM take notice...Seneca B is making the soundtrack to your next album.

With flowers adorning the cover art, “Aquarian” sounds smooth and silky with its melodic guitar and soul-singing sample. If Continuum-era John Mayer were to record music for a New York rap cypher, that would be this track. A perfect beat to deliver a mindful freestyle to, Seneca B shows that her calm and collected style flows with fluidity over an 808. Releasing Soundcloud and Bandcamp singles over the past few months, “Aquarian” is Seneca B’s most recent drop, so hopefully she is preparing for something big.

In the meantime, add “Aquarian” to whatever playlist you listen to when you’re staring at the stars on a summer night.

Seneca B Track: "Aquarian"      LINKS:  Bandcamp    Soundcloud

Seneca B
Track: "Aquarian"