Ben Tufts & Friends Present A Tribute To The Police

Sounds Like:

Andy, Stewart and some guy named Gordon

Why You Should Care:

For the past seven years, drummer and educator Ben Tufts has been throwing a music party with all of his friends to raise money for the Craig Tufts Education Scholarship Fund. You can't have too much of a good thing though and over the past few years, Tufts has expanded the annual event to produce a series of cover-band events that highlight some of the best music of all time being played by some of the areas best musicians.

This Saturday (3/3) and Sunday(3/4), Ben and his friends are doubling down on the concept and presenting a TWO NIGHT event at Gypsy Sally's in Georgetown covering the music of The Police. The lineup for this massive undertaking features band members from Birds For Eyes, Cross Kentucky, The Beanstalk Library, Classified Frequency, The NRIs, Uptown Boys Choir, and many more*. 

Tickets for the event are just $15 (get em HERE!) and all profits from each day go to fund the Craig Tufts Education Scholarship Fund. So grab a friend and head on down to Gypsy Sally's this weekend to do some good while having your face rocked off.

*Here's a list of the super-heroes coming together to help make the world a better place. 

Mark Beeson, Juliette Bell, Will Berger, Matt Berry, Nayan Bhula, Bobby Birdsong, Jamie Boyd, Thomas Bracy, Erik Bradford, James Britton, Christopher Brown, Jesse Burgman, Kate Burgman, Ralph Burrows, Scott Butler, Beth Cannon, Ara Casey, Jeremy Castillo, Allison Chang, Collin Cogan, Mark Congdon, Mike Conner, Jordan Daché, Darrien Day, Kevin de Souza, Graham Drew, Mike Echols, Melanie Fallow, Enzo Ferrogamo, Rich Fiegel, Michael Fitch, Alex Fleche, Sarah Foote, Brian Forte, Paul Frields, Gabe Fry, Andrew Gabor, El Torro Gamble, Tommy Gann, Joe Goldfrank, Casey Graham, Frank Grocholski, Nick Haring, Jason Hayes, Victor Herrera, Benjamin Heung, Joel Hicks, Matt Hutchison, Nate Ihara, Doug Imhoff, Grey Jacks, Lexi Jackson, Russ Johnson, Larry Joseloff, Stephanie Kaiser, Nicoletta Karaminis, Alan Kayanan, Amaris Kim, Romain Kruckowicz, Steve Losey, Mike Lumer, Charlie Maguire, Greg Maly, Chris Martin, Chris Mendelis, John Merritt, Jeff Miller, Nicole Morris, Jen Morse, Joe Murray, Rich Nagel, Name, Mike Nilsson, Anthony Novak, Trevor Olexy, Mike Paquette, John Penovich, Dan Perriello, Tyler Plazio, Kate Potrykus, Scott Price, Steve Quam, Mick Rabaa, Howard Rabach, Nate Read, Josh Rickwald, Mort Rolleston, Darien Saiidifar, Dave Salvo, Erik Sharar, Neel Singh, Jack Spitz, Tristan Steen, Dylan Storie, Liz Sullivan, Mark Sylvester, David Thong, Eric Ulreich, Valerie Vega, Ethan Wagner, Ryan Walker, Sean Watkins, Ken Wenzel, Audrey White, Mark Williams
Ben Tufts & Friends Present A Tribute To The Police    Buy Tickets    Donations to the Craig Tufts Foundaion can be made at:    

Ben Tufts & Friends Present A Tribute To The Police

Buy Tickets

Donations to the Craig Tufts Foundaion can be made at: