"Blackened Cities" - Mélanie De Biasio

Sounds Like

The undercurrent of dread that permeates your every waking moment; late period Talk Talk; a jazz-ambient cover of the “It Follows” soundtrack.

Why You Should Care

At this point in 2017, do you have much choice? The answer, of course, is no, because free will is an illusion, joy is but a fleeting gif, and the only way out of the pain is through it. Which is why Mélanie De Biasio’s Blackened Cities, released last May, is such a revelation. Her previous album, 2014's No Deal, attracted exactly the amount of attention you would expect for an album that is equal parts Patricia Barber and Portishead. On Blackened Cities, De Biasio charts a completely new direction, taking you on a tragic 24-minute trip inspired by post-industrial landscapes like Detroit, Manchester, and her native Charleroi, Belgium.

Equal parts jazz, drone, and classical, this piece—it doesn't feel right to call it a song—manages to be lean and taut despite the long running time and lofty pretensions. Recorded live in studio with minimal post-production, Blackened Cities continuously defies expectations. How can a recording with this much space also have this much groove? How can such a familiar set of instruments be deployed to make something that sounds so original? How can a band play for 24 continuous minutes without ever stumbling across a single musical cliché? How can this long of a piece leave you wanting more? And who is that person prattling on and on about how everyone just needs to shut up and listen to this Blackened Cities EP already? Oh. Wow…this is super awkward, but…it’s you. You’re the one who won’t shut up about Mélanie De Biasio.

Remember, the best way out is through. Pass it on.

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Mélanie De Biasio
Track: "Blackened Cities" 
Album: Blackened Cities EP

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