"Come Tumblin' Down" - Colin Hay

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The voice behind numerous 80s hits, including "Who Can It Be Now?," "Down Under," "Overkill," and "It's a Mistake."

Why you should care:

For a few years in the early 1980s, Colin Hay and his band Men At Work ruled the pop music charts, with a string of hits that brought the "land down under" to the imagination of the world. The band unfortunately fell apart during the recording and release of their third album Two Hearts in 1985 and it was never promoted properly, which lead to its commercial failure. The most popular songs still remain at the heart of numerous 80s playlists, but what all but the most dedicated fans may not even realize is that Hay began a solo career almost immediately after the band split with the release of his record Looking For Jack in 1987, and has continued on non-stop since.

In fact this year, he released his thirteenth solo album, Fierce Mercy. The record shows him still at the top of his songwriting game, the wry wit, narrative skill, and turns of phrase that took Men At Work to the peak of popularity still intact. The first single from the album, "Come Tumblin' Down," is bound to be immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever heard his distinctive voice on the radio.

Most importantly, Hay is bringing his acclaimed live show to DC on Saturday, when he'll be playing at the Lincoln Theatre, and along with his new material he's also bound to throw in a few Men at Work classics. Limited tickets are still available, but going fast!  It definitely won't be a mistake to be at this show.

Colin Hay photo by Sebastian Smith

Colin Hay   Track:  "Come Tumblin' Down"  Album:   Fierce Mercy

Colin Hay
Track: "Come Tumblin' Down"
Album: Fierce Mercy