Episode 380: In Conversation with Luna Honey; Blood Orange's 'Negro Swan'

On their debut LP Peace Will Grind You Down, Washington, DC-based quartet Luna Honey - a band formed seemingly on a whim - the doooooom is front and center, but so is an undeniable heart. Join us in a frank and hilarious discussion of, how feeling bad is a part of life, why you, yes you, should hurry up and start a band already, how your nerdy past always serves your future, and much, much more. 

PLUS! Blood Orange (Dev Hynes) is back with Negro Swan! On his follow-up to 2016's remarkable Freetown Sound, Hynes is exploring the impacts of depression and anxiety on black/LGBTQ individuals, and the results are an illuminated and illuminating exploration of the internal struggles shape us all. Special guest Philip Basnight (Broke Royals) joins us to discuss one of the best albums of 2018. 


Peace Will Grind You Down
Luna Honey

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Negro Swan
Blood Orange

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