"Kill The Wabbit" — Manzara

Sounds Like:

Doom and static and the jaws of hell closing in on you but in a super good way, not in the 'oh geez we're all gonna die' way. They're also PJ Sykes favorite band in RVA rn.

Why You Should Care:

Richmond, Virginia trio Manzara are loud, proud, and ready to burn it all down with a sonic assault that could easily go a few rounds with Swans or Mogwai. Intent on keeping it pure, this trio takes their time with their work (their new LP to almost three years to make) to ensure that every bone rattling, eardrum smashing screech and growl is in it's right place, and hits HARD.

"Kill The Wabbit" is slow to build, but once the drums begin to thunder and the chainsaw sludge of the guitars kick in, the band fires on all cylinders to deliver what one can only assume is a radical re-working of this Looney Tunes classic, as put through a black-metal meatgrinder.

Falling endlessly through space waiting for the tentacles of Ammutseba to tear you apart never sounded this good.


Track: "Kill The Wabbit"
Album: hello my name is...friend

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