Mura Masa @ 9:30 Club - 8/17/2018

At 22, the multi-talented musician and songwriter Mura Masa has already earned two Grammy Awards receiving international acclaim for his debut album Mura Masa. Hailing from Guernsey, he’s created a global buzz with young adults who love vibing to electronic music. For the second time within a year’s timespan, Mura Masa hit the 9:30 Club, welcomed by a sold-out crowd ready to party.

It’s almost always the case there are slight differences between what’s heard in-studio and during a live set, but with a guitar, keyboard, kalimbas, and steel drum set at his disposal, Mura Masa was able to reproduce his creations with high precision. The addition of London-based artist Fliss brought another level of energy to Mura Masa’s and filled the void of the featured artists that weren’t present that night effortlessly.

Mura Masa and Fliss at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.(Photo by Avery Junius / @1takeace )

Mura Masa and Fliss at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.(Photo by Avery Junius /@1takeace)

Fliss was a necessity vocally to support Mura Masa’s anthems such as “Nuggets” and “1 Night” which originally feature Bonzai and Charli XCX, respectively. Fliss turned into the focal point of the show anytime she was onstage as her high-spirited dancing was visibly irresistible and the crowd had someone to sing in unison with. The 9:30 Club turned into a wild rave when Mura Masa played two of his biggest hits “Love$ick” featuring A$AP Rocky and “Firefly” featuring NAO. Fliss covered A$AP Rocky’s wordplay flawlessly and was able to handle the range of NAO’s vocals. Despite taking a backseat while Fliss was assisting it was evident Mura Masa was content with the music he’s produced and written having the biggest impact that night.

DMV’s own April + Vista opened for Mura Masa. The duo’s newest project, You Are Here, is expected to release on August 24, 2018.

Photos by Avery Junius
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