"Pretty Thing" - Dizzy

Sounds Like:

Lorde’s younger cousin from the far north; Canadian electropop is better because CANADA.

Why You Should Care:

Ultra-glossy, and frequently engrossed in topics of romance and loss, the updated indie synthpop commonly known as “electropop” is rarely fashionable but maintains a consistent allure. The young Ontario quartet Dizzy, formed in a sleepy Canadian suburban town, hits the sweet spots of anyone who danced ecstatically to the lovelorn clatter of Chairlift’s “I Belong in Your Arms” and Poliça — or just as likely, those who listened to these songs sadly in their own bedrooms, mourning romantic teenaged regrets.

Each of the three singles (so far) from Dizzy’s debut album Baby Teeth has its charms. “Pretty Thing,” lit up by coy vocals from Katie Munshaw, gently explores teenage flirtation and mating rituals, with both affection and ironic distance. The RIYL comparisons to Lorde are fair, especially in Lorde’s “Green Light,” but Dizzy seems to pull more guitar-based indie pop than club and hip-hop. Guitarist Alex Spencer — one of three Spencer brothers who form the instrumental core of the band — favors lilting, chiming, tentative guitar lines that exude languor and contemplation. There is little bass and minimal BPMs here, even though Dizzy seems ripe for remixing and dance floors; the rhythm section holds back and prefers a gentle pulse to a throbbing beat.


Track: "Pretty Thing"
Album: Baby Teeth (out 8/17)

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