"Relay Runner" - Loma

Sounds Like:

The pressing sense of urgency and dread, of natural sounds and industrial clatter

Why You Should Care:

During Shearwater’s Jet Plane and Oxbow tour in 2016 and 2017, the opening act was the husband-and-wife Austin duo Cross Record, made of Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski. In comparison with the drive and electrified energy of Shearwater in its most direct mode, Cross Record in concert tends toward the amorphous, moving only infrequently toward rock structures with Cross singing over Duszynski’s multitracked guitars, keyboards, and assorted electronics.

Despite the differences in approach, the tour must have been a companionable one, because Shearwater singer and guitarist Jonathan Meiburg has put Shearwater on a friendly hiatus and joined Cross Record in a new project called Loma. 

Loma’s second single “Relay Runner” opens with field recordings of frogs fading into a naggingly insistent industrial drumbeat. Emily Cross’s vocals take on an increasing sense of the desperation to escape. The track devolves into Meiburg’s heavily processed guitar and the continued thumping rhythm, producing an overall feeling of urgency and dread. “I find a needle in the night / I'm at the bottom of the lake / I'm coming up again / I'm throwing everything away.”

Loma will be released February 18, 2018, on Sub Pop Records.

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Track: "Relay Runner"
Album: Loma

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