"Riiich" - Grace Mitchell

Sounds Like:

A throwback to Joan Jett combined with the modern vibes of Lorde and Banks

Why You Should Care:

Grace Mitchell is not one to follow convention when it comes to either making music or releasing it. While she is quickly making a name for herself with her fiery lyrics and Joan Jett-like sound, she is known for her diverse vocal talents and unique approach to releasing music.

Instead of a conventional album, Mitchell released a new playlist entitled 21&Motley that features more than half a dozen singles she has released throughout 2017 and a new single, “RIIICH.” The range across 21&Motley is broad, and it is hard to find a common thread among the songs, which seems to encapsulate Grace’s approach to music.

The new single “RIIICH” is an electro-pop anthem that takes on society’s obsession with material things and the desire to be rich. The track has a strong keyboard melody that balances well with the sardonic hip-hop-inspired chorus about how much easier her life would be if she were, in fact, rich.  At just 20 years old, Mitchell seems to sense that the millennial sense of entitlement shared by many of her peers may not be real. Lyrics like “All the world’s a fantasy / when you never feel the gravity,” make it clear that the earlier lines regarding her desire to wear designer clothes and jet around the world were laced with more than a little sarcasm.

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Grace Mitchell
Track: "Riiich"

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