"Rodeo" - PSSY PWR

Sounds Like:

Sleigh Bells’ angsty pop side project.

Why You Should Care:

“RODEO” is the latest project to come from the heavy-hitting indie pop project PSSY PWR. True to its name, the track cultivates a modern country atmosphere. Minimalistic instrumentation delivers entrancing percussion and subtle guitar riffs, highlighting addictive, feminine vocals with a stylized twang. As the refrain croons confidently, “pussy power, power to the pussy,” the artist’s frustration with America’s current socio-political climate is palpable.

Considering the title of their last project, “COCAINE GIRLS,” it comes as no surprise that PSSY PWR is the side project of Miley Cyrus’ producer, Oren Yoel and the famed singer/songwriter Anjulie. With such a solid style put forth by the duo so far, we’re looking forward to see what these two put out next.

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Track: "RODEO"