Sean Barna - "Come At Me Gently"

SEAN BARNA Track: "Come At Me Gently" Album:  Cutter Street   (EP)   Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Track: "Come At Me Gently"
Album: Cutter Street  (EP)

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

Sounds Like:  Late sixties/early seventies folk ala Jim Croce mashed together with laid back Laurel Canyon vibes of Jackson Brown/James Taylor and a heaping dose of punch-you-in-the-gut emotion for good measure.

Why You Should Care: Beginnings are often awkward, brash and raw, and Barna’s debut EP is no exception to that rule. Starting with this track, he’s putting everything on display for the world to see.

Last year, Sean Barna took off for the West Coast for what he thought would be new career. What he found instead was that it was impossible to keep from chasing his dream, and thus began the journey that would eventually lead to this first single from his debut EPA travelogue of Barna's journey's down the dark and dirty backstreets of love and loss, Cutter Street plays big with it's sound, even when dealing with the most personal of subjects. "Come At Me Gently", the EP's first single, is but one slice of that journey, but one listen and you'll know everything about not just where Barna is coming from, but where he's going.