St. Lucia @ 9:30 Club - 11/6/2018

St. Lucia played their second DC show of the week to a packed crowd on election night, bringing synths, stage production, and all around good vibes. The band kicked off the show with a build up into “September” from their 2013 album, When the Night.

St. Lucia’s Jean-Phillip Grobler at 9:30 Club (Photo by Krystina Brown /  @krystinagabrielle )

St. Lucia’s Jean-Phillip Grobler at 9:30 Club (Photo by Krystina Brown / @krystinagabrielle)

In between songs, frontman Jean-Philip Grobler and vocalist Patricia Beranek spoke to the crowd about voting, their experience creating the new record and their newborn son, Indy. The crowd was also packed with familiar faces from previous St. Lucia shows, with one fan calling out for “Wings of Change” to be played early on in the set.

Not only was St. Lucia’s sound and production showcased beautifully, but their set design was breathtaking. Rows of tiny screens were set up on stage displaying bright and colorful visuals throughout the show. Their set list was a great mix of songs from their latest, “Hyperion” and previous records. Swapping between guitars, keyboards, synths, and beautiful visuals, St. Lucia made it a dreamy night in DC.

DC hometown heroes SHAED and The Colonies opened up the show for St. Lucia. SHAED’s latest ep ‘MELT’ is out now. The Colonies’ new track, “Bound to Be Something Good” is available now.

Photos by Krystina Brown

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