Episode 411: Mastodon's 'Crack The Sky' at 10 and The Healing Power Of Metal

Episode 411: Mastodon's 'Crack The Sky' at 10 and The Healing Power Of Metal

2009’s Crack The Skye was a high water mark for Atlanta metal quartet Mastodon. By doubling down on the sci-fi nerdery and adding in an extra dose of tragedy and pathos, the band crafted a masterpiece that secured their place at the top of the American metal scene.

Tune in as we’re joined by special guest Brian Gruner to discuss the album’s legacy, how Mastodon has evolved from this defining point in their history, and how contrary to what you may think metal can be some of the most healing and human music out there.

Episode 270: Emperor of Sand - Mastodon

Episode 270: Emperor of Sand - Mastodon

Atlanta's Mastodon, arguably the kings of modern metal, are back with a crushing new album that cements their legacy as much as it catapults them into the future. After playing it straight for two albums, Emperor Of Sand is a return to the concept album, this time exploring some very real, and very close to home, battles with cancer.  Andre and Marcus join Kevin in the basement to talk through this savage masterpiece from one of the fiercest bands in the land.

PLUS! Saltland aka Rebecca Foon is back with a sublime new LP entitled A Common Truth, and we've got a listen to its latest single to help you come down. 

Episode 68: Mastodon / Phish

Episode 68: Mastodon / Phish

On our latest podcast, Kevin, Andre, and Adam dish out some tough love when they explore the "do's" and "dont's" of how to go about getting your music noticed in a digital age. Plus! We review the latest round of metal madness from MASTODON, and then take the occasion of uber-jamband PHISH'S latest release to discuss the band's legacy, the necessity of new material and more!

RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!: Mastodon @ The 9:30 Club - 11/27/11

Metal can be a funny thing. On one hand, when done correctly, it’s a remarkably complex style of music that blends expert musicianship with practically medieval celebrations of all things EVIL...or at least bad feelings. On the other, it’s also largely about grown ass men dressing up in leather cod pieces (armor!) and spiky bracelets (swords!) and as such is often something that is very hard to take seriously, mainly because it’s hard to imagine that the purveyors of METALLLL(!!!!!) take it that seriously themselves.

Well, thank Cthulu that Mastodon takes themselves seriously. Very seriously.

New Releases: 3.15.11 - METAL!!!!



There's really only one thing you need to know about this weeks releases. Sure you've got the return of Cornershop (really?) and for the jazz/guitar heads you've got a new release from Al Di Meola. Then you've got Steve Martin, J. Mascis, the New York Dolls, Rise Against...wait a minute! It seems there might be a lot of competition for your earholes this week...that is if you ignore the fact that Mastodon is putting out a live album. Those guys scare me as much as they rock me, so guess what? THEY WIN!


Cex - Tiny Creature

Cornershop - Cornershop & The Double 'O' Groove of..

Miranda Cosgrove (star of ""iCarly"") - High Maintenance [CD/DVD]

Dead Kenny Gs, The (combustible punk jazz trio) - Operation Long Leash

Al Di Meola - Pursuit of Radical Rhapsody

Funeral for a Friend (British post-hardcore kings) - Welcome Home Armageddon

Laura Jansen (Dutch singer-songwriter) - Bells

Joy Formidable, The (Welsh rock trio) - The Big Roar"

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - Rare Bird Alert

J Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr.) - Several Shades of Why

Naked and Famous, The (New Zealand group) - Passive Me, Aggressive You

New York Dolls - Dancing Backward in High Heels

Noah & The Whale - Last Night on Earth

Oh Land (Danish electropop singer) - Oh Land

Rise Against - Endgame

Caitlin Rose - Own Side Now

Screeching Weasel - First World Manifesto

Smoking Popes (new drummer: Neil Hennessey) - This Is Only a Test

Tony Castles (New York-based freak funk trio) - No Service [EP]

Matt Wertz - Weights & Wings

Withered Hand (aka alt-folk troubadour Dan Willson) - Good News

Mastodon - Live at the Aragon [CD-DVD]