Playground Love

"Playground Love" - Air

"Playground Love" - Air

Sounds Like:

Loungy European electronica with a retro vibe.

Why You Should Care:

French duo Air celebrates two decades of laid-back electronica this year with the release of the aptly-named Twentyyears, a three-disc compilation of tracks spanning from across their career.  Here in the US, many listeners first became aware of the band with their soundtrack for the movie The Virgin Suicides, released in 2000.  "Playground Love," which features Gordon Tracks (the pseudonym of Phoenix singer Thomas Mars) guesting on vocals, opened the album and served as its musical centerpiece.

The band last toured the US in 2010 for their album Love 2, but they're set to make their return this weekend at Governor's Ball in NYC, followed by a brief run of dates.  They'll be in the DC area on Tuesday, June 6th at the Strathmore in Bethesda, for which tickets are still available.