Tiny Reviews: New Releases 3/30/18

First impressions are often the best, so each week we bring you a brief rundown of what is, and isn't, worth your precious damn time after spending oh-so-little time with the latest in music.

Delivered with a heavy dose of snark and lousy with bad music criticism cliches, here come this week's picks:

Golden Hour  Kacey Musgraves

Golden Hour
Kacey Musgraves

Musgraves is the country star we deserve, and when Golden Hour is delivering the goods it elevates the genre to previously unforeseen heights. And then are songs like “Velvet Elvis” to remind us that there is still evil in the world.

Everything's Fine   Jean Grae & Quelle Chris

Everything's Fine
Jean Grae & Quelle Chris

The best album of 2018 or possibly any year, this hop hop/jazz/comedy masterpiece was born of our times to save us from ourselves. All hail our new superhero overlords.

Freedom  Amen Dunes   

Amen Dunes


Thrilling if, in your mid 30’s, Velvet Underground is still your favorite band. For the rest of us this “Pitchfork 8.6” is more of the same, so stop asking why the music industry is dying, K?

Vessel    Frankie Cosmos

Frankie Cosmos

Hospitality called. They want their sound back. The ULTIMATE in twee.

Culberson County  Red Shahan

Culberson County
Red Shahan

Country doesn’t need saving, it just needs more people like Red Shahan to spread its twangy gospel.

Girl Going Nowhere  Ashley McBryde

Girl Going Nowhere
Ashley McBryde

Nashville’s next “been lurking in the shadows” superstar. Yea, it’s an annoying narrative, but luckily McBryde has the songwriting chops to back up the hype.



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