"Your World” — thanks.

Sounds Like:

The catchy melodies of BORNS and Coast Modern meets the bass lines of Tame Impala  

Why You Should Care:

The slinky bass line that kicks off the song should immediately hook you, but if not, maybe the lyrics will. LA-based indie-pop duo thanks. released "Your World" to the world a few months ago, a song that waxes indignant about seeing someone become a completely different person before their eyes. The song combines psychedelic synths, a catchy cadence, and of course, that bass line.

thanks. originally released the song in the summer of 2017 and saw it hit the top of the Hype Machine charts, a good sign for up-and-coming artists. It’s not surprising, then, that they gained the attention of Highland Park Records - the duo just signed with the label and will be releasing even more music this year. If “Your World” is any indicator, they’ll become a mainstay in indie-pop circles very soon.

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Track: "Your World"


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